About us


About The Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation:

The Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation (PBSF) was founded in 2003 by Chicago White
Sox executive Dennis Gilbert, Arizona Diamondbacks executive Roland Hemond and MLB
scouts Dave Yoakum (Chicago White Sox) and Harry Minor (New York Mets). Despite the fact
that scouts are primarily the ones to find the athletes that teams sign to lucrative deals, the average
baseball scout’s income is modest. Consequently, when setbacks occur, scouts are extremely
susceptible to financial hardships.

The PBSF was established to help baseball scouts who have fallen on hard time due to job loss,
illness, retirement or other setbacks. Our mission is to create a financial bridge by providing
emergency recourses through the awarding of grants to scouts or their immediate family. We have been
fortunate enough to assist with such items as house and car payments, medical services including
insurance and daily living expenses up to and including funeral costs.

The Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation that relies
solely on donations, contributions, and the success of our Annual Awards Dinner/ Auction
Event. We are governed by a volunteer Chairman and Board of Directors and have only one paid
employee, the Executive Director. This gives us the ability to operate with very low overhead and
the capability to handle more cases.