Frequent Question Can I use Lexol on baseball glove?

I just purchased a baseball glove and it is too stiff. Solution: LEXOL Leather Conditioner does a wonderful job lubricating the leather fibers, while maintaining the integrity of the stitching.

Can I use leather conditioner on my baseball glove?

Wet and dried baseball gloves often tend to stiffen up. If that happens, apply a leather conditioner to soften the glove once it has dried. Never blow dry or use a heater to dry your glove because this can dry out the surface and crack the leather.

What is the best oil to use on a baseball glove?

Lanolin is the main ingredient in most glove conditioners, but you can use pure lanolin oil over glove conditioners if you want to avoid applying additional cleaning chemicals when breaking in your glove. You can purchase lanolin oil at most hardware stores and some sporting goods stores.

Can you use car leather cleaner on a baseball glove?

DO NOT: Use too much leather cleaner or your glove will never forgive you! Over oil, or use oil conditioners such as linseed oil, mink oil, neatsfoot oil, silicon, or petroleum-based products as the oil will to tend to close the pores and build up on the glove.

Is Lexol good for leather?

LEXOL® Cleaners loosen and lift dirt so it can easily be wiped away. Use on leather and vinyl surfaces, as well as your car’s exterior clear coat! LEXOL® Conditioners and LEXOL Protectants help maintain soft texture while nourishing and strengthening to help prevent cracking. Use on leather and vinyl surfaces.

Is saddle soap good for baseball gloves?

You can use a number of different oils and lotions to soften the leather of your baseball glove. Most people use shaving cream (preferably with lanolin), but you may also use others like Vaseline, mink oil, tanner’s glove oil, glove manufacturers oils, saddle soap, etc.

How do I keep my baseball glove in good condition?

How to Care for your Baseball Glove

How do you recondition a baseball glove?

Use neatsfoot, mink oil or any other glove conditioning product to condition your glove, but stay away from petroleum-based products like Vaseline. Whichever conditioner you choose, work it into the leather well with a clean rag or small sponge. Dab (don’t rub) the excess off with another clean, dry rag.

Should I oil my baseball glove?

Oil your baseball glove regularly

Also, don’t forget to oil your glove periodically, especially in drier areas of the country. The need for oiling can range from 1 time per week to 1 time per month, depending on the humidity where you live. I use Lexol spray, saddle soap or mink oil when conditioning my glove.

Should I use glove oil or conditioner?

The Difference Between Glove Conditioner and Glove Oil

Conditioners can also help break in the glove yet they will not make as much of an impact as oil. The conditioner plays more of an important role in preventing the baseball glove from becoming excessively heavy in certain parts.

Can I use wd40 on my baseball glove?

Use WD-40 instead of neat’s-foot oil to break in a new baseball glove. Spray the glove with WD-40, put a baseball in the palm, and fold it sideways. Take a rubber band or belt and tie it around the folded glove. The WD-40 will help soften the leather and help it form around the baseball.

What is the fastest way to soften a baseball glove?


How do you clean and condition a leather baseball glove?

Using leather safe cleaner and a soft cloth, wipe off any dirt that still remains. Keep in mind, a little goes a long way. Use the conditioner to moisturize the glove. You want to apply the conditioner lightly and work it into the glove.

Can you use neatsfoot oil on baseball glove?

Look for designated baseball glove leather cleaners, or products recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid oil conditioners like linseed oil, mink oil, neatsfoot oil, silicon, or petroleum-based products. Keep your application light. Too much cleaner, or applying it too often, will cause the leather to break down faster.

Is mink oil good for baseball gloves?

Using Baseball Glove Oils and Conditioners

When using oils and conditioners to break in your glove, the first thing you should know is that products like Vaseline, petroleum jelly, olive oil, mink oil, and linseed oil should never be used.

Will Lexol soften leather?

Lexol neatsfoot helps prolong the life of your leather &amp
protect your tack investment. Our formula softens leather &amp
helps prevent cracking. Lexol neatsfoot has a non-darkening formula &amp
is ideal for smooth, light colored leather.

Does Lexol have silicone?

LEXOL® Leather Conditioner has a liquid base which allows the product to penetrate the surface into leather pores, for deep conditioning that prevents cracking and premature aging. LEXOL Leather Conditioner leaves no greasy residue and it contains no harmful silicon ingredients which dry out leather over time.

How do you use Lexol conditioner?


  1. Apply LEXOL Leather Cleaner sparingly to a damp sponge and gently clean off any dirt.
  2. Apply LEXOL Leather Conditioner to a clean sponge and gently rub into footwear.
  3. Let sit for a few minutes, then wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Can you use mineral oil on a baseball glove?

Additionally, stay away from “glove oils” (such as Rawlings’ Glovolium), mineral oil, neat’s foot oil, mink oil, and all other oils. Putting oil in your glove will soften it, but it will also make your glove heavy.

Is shaving cream good for a baseball glove?

You can expedite the breaking-in process by applying shaving cream to your baseball glove. The shaving cream helps soften the leather, making the baseball glove more comfortable.

Is beeswax good for baseball gloves?

Beeswax is an excellent moisturizer to use for softening and moisturizing baseball gloves, as well as the thicker and stiffer leather of a catcher’s mitt. It also acts as a natural water-proofer, with natural SPF properties that protect leather baseball gloves from heat and light exposure.

How do you preserve leather gloves?

Keep your leather in cool, dry places away from sunlight and direct heat. A drawer or wooden cabinet is best – something away from the dust, but breathable. When you store your gloves, also make sure they are laid flat to avoid wrinkling or discoloration.

What does glove balm do?

it is designed to not only condition your glove, but it also adds the perfect amount of sticky tack to the leather, which helps the ball stick in the glove better and helps give a better grip on the ball to throw.

How do you stiffen a leather baseball glove?

What Does “Stiffen Up On Baseball Gloves” Mean?

  1. Take some hot water, not more than heated in 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Pour the water on the new gloves.
  3. Wipe the extra water with a towel or cotton cloth.
  4. You can take a slight drop of gloves oil or condition on a sponge and apply it to the gloves.

How do you soften an old stiff baseball glove?

Pour a small amount of hot water (150 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit) over any area of your new glove you want to make softer. Do not put your glove in the microwave or use detergents to soften the glove, as this can damage the leather. You can also use a small amount of glove oil applied with a sponge.

How do you make an old baseball glove look new?

Baseball glove Care and Repair

How do you restore batting gloves?

Use a clean, lint-free cloth to rub a small amount of conditioner onto the surface, let it set for a few minutes, then use another cloth to wipe the gloves once more. Use a baseball glove conditioner, leather shoe conditioner, or other treatment designed for leather.

How do pros break in their gloves?

Some break them in by dunking them in water or placing them in a microwave oven. Some, like Rodriguez, lather them with shaving cream. Others beat them with a mallet, as if tenderizing a steak.

Is Vaseline good for baseball gloves?

Several glove and leather conditioners are available, but Vaseline is a great choice. Apply Vaseline to every part of the glove using a cloth or rag. Leather acts like human skin, and the Vaseline can help protect the leather from weather, dirt and moisture.

How often should I condition a baseball glove?

In extremely dry climates it is best to oil your baseball glove at least once per week. Even in wetter climates, the glove should still be oiled once per month at a bare minimum.