How do baseball card box breaks work?

A box break is a live online event where buyers purchase “spots” from the breaker (the seller) to obtain high-value sports cards. The breaker opens the box, and packages live in front of the online audience. Once the event is over, the cards are shipped out to the buyers.

How do you run a box break?

How do box breaks work?

  1. Pick Your Team (PYT): Collectors buy a team (or multiple teams) and they receive every card pulled from that team.
  2. Pick a Pack: Prior to the start of the break, collectors will select a pack number to be opened during the break.
  3. Draft Style: This break works similar to pro-style drafts.

Are sports card box breaks legal?

Most state gambling statutes provide that if a game has a prize, an element of chance in determining the winner, and consideration, it is considered an illegal form of gambling. In the case of box breaks, the prize would be the cards obtained from the break.

How does a pack break work?

Pack Breaks

A “personal pack break” is a purchase for an entire pack to be opened on a live broadcast. A “group pack break” offers one card from the unopened pack, also to be opened on a live broadcast. For example, if there are 10 cards in a 1980 Topps basketball pack, 10 spots will be sold.

Is box breaking profitable?

Breakers are making probably 10-20% profit on cases they are breaking. You need to open a lot of cases at that margin to make a living. After taxes, I can’t imagine it’s that great of a job. Breakers are making probably 10-20% profit on cases they are breaking.

How do live card breaks work?


How can I promote my card breaks?

How To Run A Successful Sports Card Break on YouTube: PART 2

How do you break in a sports card box?

This type of break is where every spot will be randomly assigned a pack (via Then every card pulled out of your assigned pack is yours. We usually only use this style of break on products that have 1 guaranteed hit per back. To ensure everyone will get a hit.

What is a sports card breaker?

Sport card breaks, or “breaks” are when a single person (or business) buys an entire box of sports cards, then charges individual collectors for the opportunity to “buy in” and keep a selection of cards from the box.

How do you start a card break?

How to Become a Sports Card Breaker

What does set break mean in baseball cards?

A recent example in the baseball card collecting world was the first Net 54 (a popular message board for primarily pre-war collectors) “set” break. The idea was to purchase a complete vintage set, sell ‘slots’ in the break, draw randomly and have some fun.

How do you price box breaks?

For the most simplistic example, if a breaker has a $300 box, then prices each team at $10, and sells one of the thirty teams to 30 different people, their break is sold out and they are ready to “break” aka open the box.

Do card breakers pay taxes?

The cards become property held for sale to customers in the ordinary course of a trade or business, and the profits made by the breakers are not taxed as investment gains, but rather as ordinary income.

Can you make money selling sports cards?

Are Sports Cards Still Worth Money? Yes, sports cards are still worth money, but not immediately. You won’t be able to walk into a shop, hand over your collection, and walk out with a ton of cash most of the time. There’s a process if you want to sell your cards, and only some cards are going to be worth selling.

How much do card breaks cost?

Sports card box breaks typically range between $5-$1,000+ depending on two main factors
the first factor is the product type (high-end or low-end boxes). The second factor is your break’s format (i.e., Pick Your Team, Division Break, etc.).

How do you start a sports card break?

Top Steps for Your Sports Card Case Break

  1. Ordering the Product. Once you find a product you like and want to break, then make an order.
  2. Presales.
  3. Getting Ready.
  4. Let the Ripping Begin!
  5. Listing and Pricing on eBay.
  6. Sorting.
  7. Trading.
  8. Shipping.

What is a random team box break?

In a “random-team” break, the participants divide the case’s cost by the total number of teams (30 in a case of MLB cards, 32 for a case of NFL cards, etc.), and everyone pays a flat rate. All participants are then randomly assigned a team in the break. Group breaks are streamed, so you can watch what you pull live.

How do you get a stuck baseball card apart?

Grasp the brick gently in two opposite corners and bend the cards slightly. Make sure to avoid creasing them. Repeat this until you hear some cracks, and then slide the cards apart. They should slide off naturally, so do not force them apart until they begin to separate.

What are live breaks?

It’s kind of like watching a show except you’ve got a stake in the action. You watch the breaker open up boxes and packs of cards that you have bought a share in and you get involved in the chat rooms connected. There are lots of different kinds of breaks but the 2 most popular are Team Breaks and Random Breaks.