Question: Can you take a 1 year old to a baseball game?

It might seem like taking your infant to a baseball game is off the table until they’re older. With advance planning, however, taking your baby to a ball game — or any sporting event — is completely doable. I would know: My son has been attending baseball and hockey games since he was 4 months old.

Are baseball games too loud for babies?

Most stadiums get way too loud for little ones’ sensitive ears. This is especially true if the game is indoors, which was our experience at the Cardinal’s stadium in Phoenix, Arizona. The entire experience can be overstimulating as it is, and the last thing you want to do is to damage their little ears.

How do I get my baby into a baseball game?

Tips For Taking a Baby to a Baseball Game

  1. Invest in Hearmuffs.
  2. Use a baby carrier.
  3. Dress appropriately.
  4. Arrive late or leave early.
  5. Bring snacks and water (and milk/formula).
  6. Look up the location of the family restroom(s) before you go.
  7. Try to buy seats on an aisle for easy entry and exit.
  8. Stick to day games.

Can a 2 year old go to a baseball game?

While some ballparks let 3 year olds come in for free, typically if your kid is 2 and under 36 inches tall they don’t need a ticket. (all exceptions are below, but this is a general rule of thumb).

Can you bring strollers to baseball?

Take a carrier, stroller or both. We’ve learned from experience that you need to be able to give your arms a break. Stadiums usually have stroller parking, which is basically like coat check, so you have access to your pram when your infant or young toddler needs a walk ‘n snooze.

Do babies need ear protection at baseball games?

Since small kids are more susceptible to hearing damage from loud noises, I’d strongly recommend investing in a pair of ear protection earmuffs for any kids under 3 years old.

Can babies use ear plugs?

Earplugs (Not Recommended for Infants or Young Children)

Are baby carriers allowed in stadiums?

Strollers and baby carriers will not be allowed through security at the gate. However, you may bring a wearable carrier such as a Baby Bjorn.

How do you keep a baby shaded at a baseball game?

Dress your baby in light, loose-fitting clothing.

Ditch the socks when it’s hot and carry a sun hat! Finding a nice shady spot, or making the occasional trip from your seats to a covered area will go a long way toward helping keep your little one comfortable.

Can I bring a stroller into Coors Field?

As soon as you enter Coors Field via the stroller entrance, there is a completely free stroller check along the wall on the right. Ask the gate staff for a claim ticket and you can ditch the stroller and go straight to your seats.

What should I bring to a baby baseball game?

Here are my best tips for taking your baby to his or her first baseball game:

  • Bring them in a carrier and do not bring a stroller.
  • Check out the Breastfeeding Lounge!
  • Wear a jersey and get to the game early!
  • Be prepared that you will not stay the whole time!
  • Don’t forget to get a first game certificate!

What is the best age to start baseball?

Seven to Nine Years

Starting with a coach-pitch league is great for most kids this age. Children who are eight or nine years old can better understand team concepts and the fundamentals of the sport and should have the right level of hand-eye coordination to enroll in a coach-pitch youth baseball league.

How early do you go to baseball game?

A pair of gates allow entrance 2 hours prior to game time: A and E. However, fans entering those gates are required to stay in the left field pavilion area until the other gates open, which is 1½ hours before a game’s starting time. Fans can enter the stadium via any gate starting 2 hours before game time.

Are strollers allowed in Wrigley Field?

You’re welcome to bring a lightweight, umbrella-style stroller into any of the fields. At Wrigley, you can claim check strollers at the Bike Valet next to the Addison CTA stop.

Can you take a baby to a basketball game?

Each NBA team and venue sets their own child ticket policy, and there is no universal child ticket policy that governs all NBA teams. Every NBA team offers free child admittance for certain children, with most teams allowing children under a certain age to enter for free.

How can I bring my toddler to a baseball game?

We’ve come up with a few tips that will make your first outing a success.


How do I keep my toddler busy during a baseball game?

Here are some of our best ways to keep toddlers entertained and busy at sibling’s sports activities.

  1. Bring a lot of stickers. Stick them on yourself, books, the stroller, your wagon
  2. Snacktivities. Cereal necklaces.
  3. Magformers or Magnatiles.
  4. Friends.
  5. Cars.
  6. Hatchimals.
  7. Balls.
  8. Playdough.

Can a 6 month old wear headphones?

For babies and toddlers, avoid earbuds or any listening device that is inserted into the ear canal. This can damage their ear health. Instead, choose between on-ear or over-ear headphones.

How can I protect my baby’s ears from loud noises?

Protective earmuffs reduce noise by completely covering both ears and come in sizes that fit most people, including infants and children. Earmuffs are easier to use than earplugs, especially for young children.

What age can babies wear ear defenders?

BABY ear defenders are recommended for ages 0-18 months and are safe for newborns. KIDS ear defenders are recommended for ages 6 months to mid-teens or until your child grows out of them.

Can shouting damage baby’s hearing?

Recognise that noise from older siblings or shouting can damage your baby’s hearing over the long term. Where possible minimise this exposure. Think about turning down the car radio when you have a baby on board. The combined effect of the radio, traffic and talking adds up to high noise exposure for your baby.

What’s too loud for a baby?

Extremely loud – 100 decibels. No more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure is recommended. Dangerously loud – 110+ decibels. Regular exposure of more than one minute risks permanent hearing loss.

Is a blender too loud for a baby?

If your child can hear you talking while wearing headphones, the volume is OK. Persistent noise above 90 decibels can cause damage. How loud is 90 decibels? A blow-dryer, kitchen blender, food processor, lawnmower or a passing motorcycle.

Can infants go to NFL games?

The most generous NFL teams when it comes to their child ticket policy are the Rams, Chargers and Seahawks who all allow children under 3 years old to attend free of charge, although they must sit on their parents lap.

Should I take my 2 year old to a football game?

If you have a go-with-the-flow type kid, then they will probably be fine going to a game at a young age. For those who need to stick to their schedule or are upset by lots of noise or people, then you probably want to wait until they are older before exposing them to college football games.

Can you take a baby to the football?

There are a number of Club rules relating to children visiting the stadium: Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied
• Anyone accompanying someone under the age of 14 must be 18 or over
and • Children aged 4 and under may attend football matches free of charge but do so seated on an adult’s knee.