Question How do you use blast motion?

Face the Blast logo towards the ground for two seconds, face the Blast logo towards the sky for two seconds, and repeat until it is activated. When completed, a Sensor Connected message will appear. A check mark will be displayed next to Basic Details and Register Sensor. Select on the welcome screen.

How does blast baseball work?

Using the Blast Motion Sensor. The highly accurate advanced 3D motion capture sensor works in three different modes while it captures, analyzes and displays your actions. Offline Mode – The sensor has the intelligence to work without the app. Blast Sensor will remember the last connected bat.

Is blast motion baseball accurate?

An Accurate Baseball Sensor Defined: About the Test Results

Blast’s swing sensor exhibited the lowest margin of error – and was significantly more accurate than Zepp’s sensor. Blast’s standard deviation was 3 mph, compared to 5 mph for Diamond Kinetics and 7 mph for Zepp.

How do you set up a blast motion ball flight?

Ball Flight

How do you attach blast motion to bat?

Turn the Universal Bat Attachment inside out. Take your sensor and place it on the top of the Attachment. Make sure the Blast Motion Logo is facing down toward the Attachment. Reverse the Attachment from inside out so that the sensor is now inside the Attachment.

Does blast motion measure bat speed?

Rotational Acceleration– Blast Motion baseball’s Rotational Acceleration metric measures how quickly your bat accelerates into the swing plane. Rotational Acceleration is a good indicator of how you build bat speed by sequencing properly vs.

How do you activate a blast sensor?


  1. From the Progress screen tap on the Menu.
  2. Tap on the Sensors.
  3. Select on the listed sensor.
  4. Shake the sensor by facing the Blast logo towards the ground for two seconds, face the Blast logo towards the sky for two seconds, and repeat until it is connected.
  5. The listed sensor will now show connected in the list.

Does blast motion work?

Blast Motion is one of the best ways to track the intricacies of your golf swing. It works especially well for getting your putting stroke on plane, and is a fantastic way to practice on the range, on the putting green, or even better, at home.

Do you need a subscription for blast motion?

Blast metrics are divided into four different types. The free metrics are the Impact Metrics. The premium metrics are Swing Metrics, Ball Flight, and Swing Quality Scores that require a coach or player Premium Services subscription to Blast Connect.

What is a good bat speed for a 15 year old?

The average bat speed for a 13-year-old is approximately 55-60 mph, while the average bat speed for 15-year-olds is 60-70 mph.

What is a good peak hand speed?

*MLB Avg: 66-78 mph MiLB: 63-75 mph College: 66-75 mph

1 Blake Penso 25.9 mph
2 Michael Nutter 25.2 mph
3 Jack Gurevitch 24.9 mph
4 Mathew Halbach 24.6 mph

Are baseball swing analyzers worth it?

Is a Baseball Swing Analysis worth it? Our general experience is, for most serious players, yes. Although swing analyses done by a third party hitting instructor or a gadget and app will never substitute for real practice, our two years of experience with these devices and services prove their worth.

What is a good bat speed for baseball?

“With some of the data we collected, we see in-game swing speeds in the 65- to 85-miles-per-hour speeds for some of the top professionals in baseball.” According to Cherveny, the average swing speed in Major League Baseball games is around 70 miles per hour.

Does blast motion measure launch angle?

Blast Vision uses the iOS camera to detect and measure launch metrics for golf, baseball, and softball. The app provides an estimate of exit velocity, ball speed, launch angle, distance, and carry distance.

What is better blast or diamond kinetics?

Diamond Kinetics vs Blast Motion

When considering the Diamond Club, (the inexpensive service DK offers), there really is no comparison between the two. DK’s ability to sync data among devices to a specific device via the cloud may be, for the right coach and team, the perfect and only option.

How do you charge a blast Baseball sensor?

Connect the wireless charger to the micro-USB cable. Plug the USB cable into a USB outlet. Place the sensor in the center of the wireless charger where the logo is located with the logo facing up on the sensor. It takes 60 minutes to fully charge the sensor.

What is good bat speed for a 12 year old?

Swing Speed Depends on Bat Weight

In a 1991 experiment published in “New Scientist,” researchers at the University of Arizona found that Little Leaguers ranging in age from 10 to 12 years bat an average of about 60 mph with a 10-ounce bat, 40 mph with a 20-ounce bat and 30 mph with a 30-ounce bat.

How fast is MLB bat speed?

“Bat speed is not something that anyone should necessarily focus on,” Bleecker says. “If you look at major league players, their in-game average bat speed is around 70 miles per hour. In the training setting, it’s around 75 to 77.”

Who has fastest bat speed in MLB?

Giancarlo Stanton, 2019, 120.6 MPH. Giancarlo Stanton, 2018, 121.7 MPH. Gary Sanchez, 2018, 121.1 MPH.

Why is my blast sensor not connecting?

Check the device settings and make sure that Bluetooth is ON. If you are pairing the sensor with the device for the first time, make sure the device is connected to the Internet. Make sure your sensor is not connected to another device. Make sure your sensor battery is charged.

How much is a blast motion?


INDIVIDUAL PLAYER OR COACH – ABCA members can purchase an individual Blast Baseball swing analyzer (sensor) for just $124.95. That’s a savings of $25 off the regular retail price of $149.95.

How does blast softball work?

Blast Softball, the industry’s most accurate swing analyzer. Simply attach the sensor to the knob of any bat and start swinging. Information is automatically captured and sent to your smart phone, or tablet. In-app training videos provide you with tips, drills, and actionable insights to help you improve your swing.