Question How much are tickets to a Giants game?

New York Giants Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020 MetLife Stadium $210
2019 MetLife Stadium $159
2018 MetLife Stadium $160
2017 MetLife Stadium $157

How do I get Giants tickets?

You can access your tickets through the Giants App or on your phone’s web browser.

Can I buy Giants tickets at the box office?

If you want to try to buy through the Giants Ticket Office, my advice is to reach out to them via phone or internet. The Giants ticket office opens 2.5 hours before first pitch on game days, which is the only time it is physically open. They are also open Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm PST via phone.

What is the best site to buy MLB tickets?

The 5 best websites and apps to buy cheap baseball tickets

  1. StubHub. is the official ticket resale partner of the MLB, so it’s easier to get cheap baseball tickets here than on some other ticket resale sites.
  2. SeatGeek. is kind of like a search engine for tickets.
  3. Ticketmaster.
  4. Vivid Seats.
  5. ScoreBig.

How much is a suite at Giants Stadium?

New York Giants suites cost between $12,000-$30,000 for most games. Prices depend on the opponent and location of the suite in MetLife Stadium. The most expensive suites at MetLife Stadium are the Commissioner’s Club suites.

How much does a baseball ticket cost?

The following average ticket prices for MLB teams listed below are ranked by their 2021 prices.Average Ticket Prices Per MLB Team.

Team Average Ticket Price
Cleveland Guardians $31
St. Louis Cardinals $10
Houston Astros $51
New York Yankees $12

Can I go to the Giants game?

A statement from the New York Giants:

“As permitted by current New Jersey policies on businesses and gatherings, MetLife Stadium will open at full capacity this NFL season without requiring face coverings, proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID test.

Is SeatGeek legitimate?

SeatGeek is a legitimate way to compare and purchase tickets from different vendors and venues. It works with companies that offer guarantees on their tickets, like Eventbrite, and requires third-party sellers to guarantee 120% of a ticket if it ends up being fake or double purchased.

Can you return Giants tickets?

No refunds will be issued for played games for any reason. Any single game tickets purchased through, over the phone or online, for games that go un-played will have the face value of the ticket and the convenience fee refunded. All other fees are non-refundable.

Where are the best seats at Oracle Park?

The best seats at Oracle Park are found on the field level in Sections 105-126. Aside from an impressive experience on the lower level close to the infield, fans can also find premium amenities to further enhance an already memorable day at the ballpark.

Does Oracle Park accept cash?

Oracle Park remains cashless, meaning only credit and debit cards may be used to purchase concessions, which can still be ordered via the mobile app or in-person. Mobile tickets are also strongly encouraged.

Is StubHub legitimate?

StubHub is definitely a legit company. It’s owned by eBay, one of the largest e-commerce companies in America (if not the world). It also has sponsorships with over 100 organizations worldwide, including many sports teams and leagues, as well as some technology companies (such as Apple, Spotify, and Uber).

Is it cheaper to buy tickets at the ballpark?

It’s almost always the cheapest route. If you buy tickets online, check for online ticket promotions. Unfortunately, buying directly from the ballpark in advance isn’t always possible. When that happens, buying tickets online is the best option – but only if you use online ticket promotions.

Is it cheaper to buy MLB tickets at the stadium?

In fact, it could save you as much as $30, on average, per ticket. A ticket sold the week of the game costs $38, on average, while a ticket sold more than a month before game day is $68, on average, according to data from SeatGeek. Buying your ticket at the ballpark before the game can help you snag a good deal.

Can I trust Vivid Seats?

Yes. Vivid Seats is a trusted and reliable way to buy and sell tickets. It is a legitimate company that facilities hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ticket sales each year. We recommend the company for anyone looking for deals on concert tickets or shows in the United States.

How much is a luxury box at MetLife Stadium?

Budget. The price of a private luxury suite at MetLife Stadium can range from $5,000-$35,000 depending on the event.

What comes with a SF Giants Suite?

Signature Suites

  • 25 Luxury Suite tickets (Access to all levels of Oracle Park, including exclusive Blue Shield Field Club & Alaska Airlines Club Level)
  • 4 Luxury Suite Parking Passes in Lot A.
  • Complimentary Videoboard Message.

How much does it cost to rent Oracle park?

The Giants have a 66-year lease on the 12.5-acre (51,000 m2) ballpark site, paying $1.2 million in rent annually to the San Francisco Port Commission. The park opened with a seating capacity of 40,800, but this has increased over time as seats have been added.

What MLB stadium has the cheapest tickets?

A new study from Time2play says Chase Field is the most affordable stadium to catch a ballgame. The D-backs had an average ticket price of $21.38 in 2021, the lowest in Major League Baseball and Chase Field also had the lowest price for a hot dog, at just $2.

Can I buy baseball tickets at the gate?

Can you buy MLB tickets at the stadium gate? Yes, you can buy MLB tickets at the stadium gate. Despite this, many fans consider it much easier to just use online ticket brokers who make the ticket buying process very simple and convenient. This also helps avoid the risk of sellout at the stadium.

Who has the highest ticket prices in MLB?

Take a look at the top five most expensive games:

  • Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field: $110.17.
  • New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium: $102.70.
  • Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park: $101.36.
  • Washington Nationals, Nationals Park: $99.42.
  • San Francisco Giants, Oracle Park: $89.72.

Will Giants games have fans?

The Giants play their 2021 home opener Friday against the Rockies at Oracle Park. Unlike last season, which was shortened to 60 games because of the coronavirus pandemic, fans can attend games. The Giants have been approved to hold 22% capacity or 8,900 fans in order to maintain social distancing between seating pods.

Are fans going to MLB games?

MLB fans in stadiums 2021: All 30 teams now at full attendance capacity. In 2020, fans could watch Major League Baseball games in person only during the final two rounds of the postseason.

Is Oracle Park allowing fans?

Under the directive issued by the San Francisco Health Officer, Oracle Park will re-open to fans subject to the following conditions: Each fan in attendance, 12 years and older, will be required to take a COVID-19 test with negative results or provide proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination, in order to gain entry.

Are SeatGeek and Ticketmaster the same?

To the untrained eye the general idea behind Ticketmaster’s product seems almost identical, but SeatGeek is adamant there are a couple of key differences. One, Ticketmaster isn’t opening its API to anyone that wants access to it, such as other ticketing outlets like SeatGeek.

How do you know if tickets are fake?

Here are some features that can help you tell if your ticket is fake:

  1. Look at the spelling of each word.
  2. Real tickets have a valid website link related to the event.
  3. Look at the dates on your ticket.
  4. Genuine Ticketmaster tickets are printed on both the front and back.
  5. The quality of paper in real and fake tickets vary.

How much does SeatGeek charge to sell tickets?

You can upload and list your tickets for free on SeatGeek. If you sell that ticket, we do collect a small fee of 10%. This is to keep our platform healthy and running. When you type in the price for which you want to sell your ticket, you’ll be paid whatever that price was, minus 10%.

Will MLB refund my tickets?

If a Game or other Event is subject to a COVID-19 Suspension that prevents Holder from using this ticket, a refund will automatically be posted to the payment card used for payment of the ticket. No credits will be issued and the ticket will have no cash value.

Can I cancel my Giants tickets?

If an Event is cancelled (not rescheduled), the purchaser who purchased directly from the Giants may obtain a refund or credit equal to the purchase price of the Ticket and convenience fee. All other fees are non-refundable. Any refunds will be made to the same card used to purchase the Ticket.

Do New York Giants games sell out?

Every game of the New York Giants is sold out. “Cheap” tickets start around $100 to $130 apiece.