Question: What happened to Troy’s baseball career in Fences?

One of the greatest sources of disappointment in Troy’s life is the fact that he wasn’t allowed to play pro baseball. Though he was a homerun king of the N**** Leagues, he couldn’t graduate to the majors because of racial discrimination.

Why does Troy not allow Cory to play football?

Rose asks Troy why he will not let Cory play football when Cory is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps. Troy explains that when Cory was born, he decided he would not allow Cory to pursue sports in order to spare Cory from a fate like his own.

What does Troy say about baseball in Fences?

Death and Baseball. In Act one, scene one, Troy Maxson declares, “Death ain’t nothing but a fastball on the outside corner.” With this line, the former Negro League slugger merges his past experience as a ballplayer with his philosophy.

What reasons does Troy give to the coach for not allowing Cory to play football and for telling the coach to cancel the recruiter?

Troy thinks he is doing the right thing by not letting Cory play football because he thinks he is protecting Cory from getting hurt the same way he did when he was playing baseball.

Why did Troy go to jail in Fences?

Troy went to jail in the play Fences for murder. He accidentally killed a man while attempting to rob him.

Why did Troy not play baseball?

Rose tries to get Troy to admit that he was too old to play for the Major Leagues and that times have changed since the years Troy was prohibited from the Major Leagues because of the color of his skin.

What was Cory’s strike one?

Cory picks up Troy’s bat and dares his father to get closer. Troy lunges at Cory. His son swings the bat and misses (strike one). He does it again and misses once more (strike two).

Is Troy jealous of Cory?

Troy is determined not to let Cory play sports and ruin his life. Cory just thinks that Troy is just jealous of him. Throughout the play, Troy and Cory share different views and don’t get along. This scene functions to show that Cory and Troy share a turbulent relationship in which they both dislike each other.

What is Troy’s response when Cory suggests he buy a TV?

Troy thinks just the opposite: he tells Cory that it’ll cost 246 dollars to re-tar their roof before the winter. Cory replies that he’d rather buy a TV, and fix the roof himself whenever it started to leak. Troy asks him where he intends to get the money, but Cory suggests that his father has plenty of money.

Why does Bono look up to Troy?

Troy’s promotion to driver has separated them at work, and Troy’s betrayal of Rose has separated them on a personal level. It seems the affair damaged Bono’s admiration of Troy. In the end, Troy hasn’t just lost his family
he’s lost his best friend.

What is the significance of baseball in Fences?

Examining the meaning of baseball in Fences enables us to get a better understanding of Troy’s life, but also of any other African American in that time and even of America then and today. Elias describes this by claiming that baseball is a “revealing metaphor for American society and values” (Elias 8).

What does Troy blame for the loss of his dream?

What does he blame for the loss of his dream? -According to Troy, he was an amazing baseball player but he came along too early when blacks weren’t allowed to play, he says if he was white he would be in the major leagues.

What does Troy upset Cory?

Rose tells him that Troy was upset about Cory leaving the house without doing his chores or helping him with the fence. He unsuccessfully flirts with Rose, and then yells at Cory to come outside and help him with the fence.

What lesson does Troy teach Cory?

Troy is trying to teach Cory the responsibility of enjoying life when you’ve worked hard to earn it.

What is the relationship between Troy and Cory in Fences?

In Fences, by August Wilson Cory is Troy’s son, and they have a very complicated relationship. Troy is not a role model for Cory and he is not the perfect parent.

Why did Troy go to jail for 15 years?

Why did Troy spend fifteen years in a penitentiary? Because he was a robber and a murder.

Why did Troy leave home at 14?

Troy was afraid of his father until that moment. At that moment, however, Troy believes he became a man. He could no longer live under the roof with a man that would commit these unacceptable acts, so he left home to be on his own, though he was homeless and broke, with no ties or family elsewhere.

Why did Troy cheat on Rose in Fences?

Before Rose responds, Troy muses that he cheated on his wife because he has felt restrained and worn out due to “standing in the same place for eighteen years” (Wilson 2.1).

What is Troy’s tragic flaw?

Ultimately, Troy’s primary tragic flaw is shown by his failure to be faithful to his wife. While Troy and Bono seemingly endlessly discuss the matter, Troy is unable to access the actual reason for being unfaithful to his wife. Essentially, he simply fails.

Is Troy a hypocrite Fences?

Another duality is Troy’s hypocrisy. Troy demands that his loved ones live practical, responsible lives while he has the freedom to have an affair, rebel against racist practices of his employers by protesting the limitation of Black workers as lifters not drivers on the trash trucks.

What sport does Cory want to play in Fences?

Up to now, Cory has been afraid of disobeying his father. But with a college scholarship on the line, he goes against Troy’s wishes and quits his job to play football.

Where do Bono and Troy meet Alberta?

Bono and Troy met in jail, where Troy learned to play baseball. Troy is a role model to Bono.

Did Cory go to Troy’s funeral?

Cory refuses to go to Troy’s funeral even though he made the journey to visit home for the first time in almost eight years. Cory’s last memories of the Maxson household were bitter and oppressive.

Does Troy hit Cory?

Troy physically attacks Cory. Cory swings at Troy with a baseball bat but does not hit Troy because he would probably kill him. Troy taunts Cory and then gets the bat away from Cory in a struggle. Troy stands over Cory with the bat and kicks Cory out of the house with finality.

Why is Troy so angry?

Troy wants respect from his family because he is the man of the house while acting insensitive and uncaring to his wife, Rose, his brother, Gabriel and his son, Cory. Troy had an abusive father, he never like him.

What does Raynell’s garden symbolize?

For one thing, Raynell runs out to check her garden on the day of her father’s funeral. Perhaps the garden represents the promise of new life in the face of death. Raynell herself is the flower that has sprung from Troy’s seeds.

What does Rose tell Cory?

Raynell exits into the house, and Rose tells Cory that Troy died swinging his baseball bat. Then, with great hesitation—mirroring his father’s reluctance to tell Rose that he’d had an affair with Alberta—Cory tells Rose that he’s not going to Troy’s funeral.

Who does Troy wrestled for 3 days?

Who does Troy claim to have wrestled with for three days? Troy claims to have wrestled with the devil for three days when he was in the hospital with pneumonia. Lyons stops by to visit his father.

Why does Troy’s brother Gabriel have a metal plate in his head?

Troy’s brother. Gabriel was a soldier in the Second World War, during which he received a head injury that required a metal plate to be surgically implanted into his head.