Quick Answer: Can HUDL be used for baseball?

The new baseball code window template simplifies in-game decisions, improves scouting reports and creates data archives for more effective and efficient baseball analysis.

What sports does HUDL support?

Select a sport to see how Hudl works.

  • High School Sports. Soccer. Basketball. Volleyball. Lacrosse. American Football. Track & Field. Wrestling. Ice Hockey.
  • Club & Youth Sports. Soccer. Basketball. Volleyball. Lacrosse. American Football. Track & Field. Wrestling. Ice Hockey.
  • Professional Sports. Football. Basketball. Volleyball. Ice Hockey.

Does HUDL cost money?

No, Hudl won’t charge you anything for installation.

Does HUDL assist do stats?

The stats you get from Hudl Assist will also automatically flood into five reports to help you gain insights and level up your team’s performance. The more data you have, the better the analysis — so submit multiple games to see trends or patterns you might not find from just a single game.

What is HUDL Sportscode?

Hudl Sportscode connects with our collection of online, offline and real-time video and data analysis tools to create a more streamlined experience. Live capture for in-game decisions. Interactive player reports linked directly to video. Analysis accessible and shareable from any device.

Is Hudl only football?

View and study your Playbook and assignments (Football-only). Note: This app requires an account on If you’re a coach, athletic director, or booster, visit to sign up. If you’re an athlete, check with your coach to get your login information.

Who uses Hudl?

Founded in 2006, Hudl is the most widely used video analysis and scouting software solution in sports, with a media library of over one billion videos. More than 6 million coaches and athletes in 139 countries use Hudl products and services, including 160,000 teams across 35 sports.

How do I watch full games on Hudl?

Log in to and click Video. Hover over the video you’d like to watch and click the play icon. Video will automatically play in full screen.

How do I get a free Hudl account?


  1. Enter your team code and email address, then click Get Registered. Athletes will need to get the team code from their coach.
  2. Fill out the form and then click Register.
  3. Your registration is complete. You’ll receive a notification via email when your coach responds to your request.

What is similar to Hudl?

The best alternative is ScoreBreak, which is free. Other great sites and apps similar to Hudl are StatCard Sports, AmperVue, NextGameTime and SportsClipMaker.

What can coaches see on Hudl?

Hudl elite users will now be able to see which members of their team are engaging with video. Team admins can download a report that shows who has watched a video or playlist, when and how long for. With this you’ll be able to see which videos are proving popular and which athletes are completing any tasks you set.

How long does HUDL assist take?

It’s ready in 24 hours. You’ll get an email as soon as the video and its reports are ready.

How do I use HUDL assist?

Submit to Hudl Assist from the Library

Log in to and click Video. Select the video(s) you’d like to send to Hudl Assist. If your library is in list view, check the video(s) you’d like to send to Hudl Assist. Click Send to Assist.

How does HUDL get stats?

Hudl will automatically generate a box score for all tagged games. If you didn’t tag your game, you can still add breakdown data or enter stats manually. Select the game you’d like to review. To change the stats source, click Select playlist or the playlist already listed.

How do I get Hudl Sportscode?

Ready to break down some games? Register Sportscode.

  1. Launch Sportscode.
  2. Enter your registration key.
  3. Click Register.

How do I get Hudl?

How do I sign up for Hudl? Your coach needs to purchase Hudl and add you to the team roster. If your team is on Hudl, ask a team manager to send you an invite code. If you already have a Hudl account you can log in here or download the Hudl app.

Is Hudl easy to use?

Hudl is easy to learn and is very user-friendly. And if coaches run into any issues, Hudl offers a top-of-the-line support staff to work out any kinks. “It’s going to help you immediately,” Holecek, who also played linebacker in the NFL for seven years, said.

What is the app for high school sports?

MaxPreps is America’s Source for High School Sports.

How much is Volleymetrics?

Volleymetrics – A stats and scouting program costs approx. $10,000 per year.

How do I join a different team on Hudl?

Log in to, hover over your name and select Add Another Team. Enter the new team’s details on the form and click Submit. Please allow us 24 hours to process your request.

What happened to Hudl?

Hudl Technique Has Been Retired

As of September 15, 2021, Hudl Technique was removed from the app store. On October 1st, 2021, the back-end web services that supported functions like sharing, login, voice recording etc. were turned off. Technique will no longer function properly.

What is Hudl and how does it work?

When a team joins Hudl, every athlete gets a public profile page to share highlights, stats and scores with recruiters, friends and family. Now, athletes will opt-in to recruiting on Hudl, giving college coaches and recruiters a better look at their skills and accomplishments as well as full game film.

What did Hudl used to be called?

Following the acquisition Hudl relocated Sportstec’s existing Warriewood office to Sydney’s central business district. VolleyMetrics, a leader in volleyball analytics and video exchange based out of Provo, Utah, was acquired by Hudl in late 2017. In May 2019, Hudl acquired one of its largest competitors, Krossover.

Can athletes download Hudl videos?

You can download video on a Mac or a PC. Only team admins and coaches can download video. Athletes are not able to download video.

Does Hudl have sound?

Only team admins can change athlete audio preferences. Log in to, hover over Team and click Team Settings. Choose whether or not you’d like athletes to hear audio while watching video.

How do I find games on Hudl?

Log in to the Hudl app and tap Reports. Under Team, yours will automatically be selected. To select another team, tap Scout a Different Team. Tap View Other Games to select more games to view.

How much does krossover cost?

We don’t require a hardware investment or installation, don’t require any microchip to be placed in shoes or a ball — Krossover costs under $1,000 per season on average for all features, unlimited video with unlimited users, including the use of all mobile apps, and we do the breakdown for the user.

How do you watch a Hudl?

Find Your Video (Android)

  1. Open the Hudl app and tap Video.
  2. Tap the Search icon to find specific videos.
  3. Tap the Filter icon to see different options for narrowing down your videos.
  4. Tap a video to start watching.

Does Hudl have an app?

Hudl helps teams win with video. Our Android app allows you to study the video you’ve already uploaded, or even capture new video using your device.