Quick Answer: Where is the Cape Cod Baseball League located?

Cape Cod Baseball League Schedule 2022

Harwich at Falmouth @ 6:00pm. Hyannis at Wareham @ 6:00pm. Dennis-Yarmouth at Orleans @ 6:30pm. Cotuit at Chatham @ 7:00pm.

How do you get to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League?

To be invited to the CCBL invitation-only tryout, players must be recommended by their college coaches
they must be a full-time college student registered for the upcoming fall semester
and they cannot have signed a prior commitment with another summer league.

How much does it cost to play in the Cape Cod League?

There is no admission fee to watch, though there are opportunities to donate to the league upon entry to each game and during the games. A small donation is much more affordable than tickets costing upwards of $50-100, plus it helps to keep the Cape League running.

How do players get picked for Cape Cod League?

The Cape League itself does not recruit players. Player recruitment is left solely to each individual franchise, facilitated through each team’s manager. To find out the name and contact information for each franchise manager, please refer to our online Teams Directory.

What level is the Cape Cod Baseball League?

The Cape Cod Baseball League is the premier collegiate summer baseball league in the nation founded in 1885. The Cape Cod Baseball League is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Players from across the United States representing all NCAA college divisions are recruited to play in the 10-team league.

How many teams are in Cape Cod League?


Sport Baseball
No. of teams 10
Country United States
Most recent champion(s) Brewster Whitecaps
Most titles Cotuit Kettleers (17)

Do Cape Cod Baseball League players get paid?

The players cannot be paid to play, per NCAA rules, and that is what MLB wanted all along, to get out from writing so many checks to minor league players, no matter how puny the amounts. It is not clear what MLB’s financial backing will be.

Do D3 players play in the Cape Cod League?

The only time i see D3 in the Cape League usually is either a nasty pitcher, or a temp contract till the CWS is over and the big studs come back. 2. The other good league is the New England Collegiate Baseball League. This league was created for top New England kids to play in during the summer.

How many innings are in Cape Cod League?

Games will stop after nine innings, and the league will not be playing two games in a single day at any point in the season. Games that are rained out will not be rescheduled. “We’re looking at safety first, but trying to have everything as normal as we can,” Zmuda said.

Why is the Cape Cod League so special?

No, what makes the Cape Cod Baseball League so unique and inviting is the community. It’s a mantra you’ll hear repeated from everyone involved in the league. The CCBL is funded thanks to grants — including one from Major League Baseball — and corporate sponsorships, but no one in the league earns a salary.

Do Cape Cod Baseball Coaches get paid?

Along with a salary, some of the coaches across the league receive a stipend of sorts to spend on where they will live. Others are given a larger sum of money and are given personal flexibility with how to spend it. “The head coach gets paid a lump sum and then it’s up to him what he does with it,” Bonacker said.

How does the Cape Cod league make money?

The league is run entirely by volunteers. They survive through donations, grants, and merchandise sales. MLB itself usually contributes $100,000 per season to the league.

Who won Cape Cod league?

BREWSTER – The top two seeds in the East and West Divisions battled it out, but it was the Brewster Whitecaps who took home the championship for the Cape Cod Baseball League’s 2021 season. Brewster defeated the Bourne Braves Wednesday night by a score of 10-6, clinching the sweep of the three-game title series.

Is the Cape Cod Baseball League playing in 2021?

The 2021 season has been released on the league website, with a few notable highlights. The league will be back to baseball on Opening Day, June 12, 2021 with a full slate of games, including a matchup between the Wareham Gatemen and Cotuit Kettleers at 5pm at Lowell Park in Cotuit.

Is there a Cape Cod Baseball League?

Spillane Field in Wareham will be the site of the 2022 Cape League All-Star Game on July 23. Wareham was unable to host both the 2020 and 2021 iterations of the event due to the pandemic. The eight-team playoff format will also return this season
the tournament will start on August 4.