You Asked Does Topps ship to Canada?

Shipping Policy

Items with FREE shipping only valid to U.S. addresses. Your order may automatically be cancelled if your address is outside the United States and you place an order with free shipping.

Can I buy directly from Topps?

Sports Card Distributors

In the 21st century there are multiple card companies such as Topps, Panini and Upper Deck that sell sports cards. Topps says it sell directly to customers online, but it also works through Topps baseball card distributors.

How do you get Topps Now cards?

TOPPS NOW® trading cards are available for 24 hours only, offered exclusively on, and include Free Shipping. Print runs of every card are announced on so you know how rare your cards are! Enjoy the thrill of collecting your favorite heroes, teams, and moments every step of the way with TOPPS NOW®!

Does Topps still make baseball cards?

Topps cards will still carry the Topps logo, and the division’s roughly 350 employees will work for the Topps brand independently within Fanatics.

How long do Topps Now cards take to ship?

Once an account holder has placed a delivery request for a card(s) held in their customer typically, within three business days of receipt, the order will be processed and shipped. Once products have been packed and shipped, they should arrive at their destination within 5-10 additional business days.

Who does Topps ship with?

Wall Art, and Custom Card orders are printed on demand, and will usually ship within 3-5 business days of order placement. Please keep this in mind when selecting the following shipping methods FedEx 2nd Day Air, &amp
FedEx Overnight
. Items with FREE shipping only valid to U.S. Addresses.

Are Topps baseball cards worth anything?

For most players, their most valuable baseball cards will be their rookie card. But, it’s not always the case. Take Roger Maris cards, for example. His 1962 Topps card is actually worth more than his 1958 Topps rookie card.

Are Topps Now cards worth anything?

Topps Now cards are not the most valuable cards out there. Many collectors look down on them because they do not believe in a model that cuts out the suspense involved in ripping. However, this is merely outdated prejudice.

Will Topps make baseball cards in 2022?

Topps’ newest card set has dropped

The 2022 cards were released on Wednesday, letting collectors and fans tear through packages of cellophane to gaze at the newest pieces of beloved cardboard. BASEBALL CARD SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED.

Where are Topps cards printed?

Many of the Topps Now and other online exclusives are printed in Florida.

Are Topps project 70 cards valuable?

Guide To Investing In Topps Project70 Alex Pardee Cards

Each card is worth $20 upon its initial sale.

How do you buy Topps NFTs?

To purchase MLB Series 1 NFTs packs: log in to with your WAX Cloud Wallet, visit “Shop”, select your MLB Series 1 NFTs packs and complete the purchase.

What company prints Topps baseball cards?

The league and the players’ union made a deal with Fanatics Inc. this week for the company to exclusively produce MLB cards. Topps printed its first baseball cards in 1951 and has had an exclusive deal with MLB since 2010. That deal expires after 2025, and MLB’s deal with Fanatics, a source confirmed, begins in 2026.

Why did Fanatics buy Topps?

The company celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2021. Fanatics was set to gain MLB’s exclusive trading card rights starting in ’26, but the company’s acquisition of Topps means it can start designing, manufacturing and distributing baseball cards immediately.

Is this the last year for Topps baseball cards?

Topps was founded in 1938 and began producing baseball cards in 1951. It’s current deal with MLB as exclusive license holder of league-backed cards extends through 2025.

How do you get free shipping on Topps?

Topps offers free shipping for their Topps NOW card series. To take advantage of the offer, make sure to select the SmartPost shipping option at the checkout stage. This applies to any purchase on

Does Topps replace damaged cards?

According to Topps, the cards you submit must be from the current year. Their website says, “The Topps Company will replace any Topps produced card that is determined to be damaged or defective from any current-year product (only), while supplies last.”

How do I send a card back to Topps?

If the system will not accept a redemption code, please complete your information on the back of the redemption card and mail it to: Topps Redemption Cards, 2300 Stafford Avenue, Suite 800, Scranton

How long does it take to get a Topps redemption card?

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO RECEIVE THE COMPLETED CARD AFTER ENTERING MY REDEMPTION CODE? Please allow up to 15 weeks for processing, except for Mystery Redemptions which may take up to 6 months after announced.

How do I contact Topps customer service?

Please contact customer service at 1800-489-9149 or email for help.

What is the most valuable Topps card?

Iconic card: 1952 Topps #311, which sold for $5.2 million in 2021. It may be the most legendary trading card in sports, and it’s not even Mantle’s rookie card. That honor goes to his 1951 Bowman card.

How much do Topps baseball cards go for?

The Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Sold

Card Card No. Auction Price
1909-11 T206 N.Y. NAT’L Hands up Joe Doyle Misprint $414,750
1954 Topps Henry “Hank” Aaron 128 $358,500
1938 Goudey Gum Company Joe DiMaggio 274 $288,000
1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie Card 177 $132,000

Are Topps Tiffany cards worth more?

Topps Tiffany baseball cards offer collectors a more upscale option for many sets from the Junk Wax Era. Between 1984 and 1991 Topps made a relatively limited number of factory sets that came with better production values. Secondary values of Topps Tiffany cards are much stronger than their regular Topps counterparts.

What is Topps Now card of the Month?

FREE SHIPPING (choose Smartpost) – Ships in 3-5 Business Days after April 30th! In order to qualify for a valid coupon code, which will reward you with this FREE card of the month, you need to accumulate 500 “Topps Now Reward Points!”Specs.

Print Run 00167

What is Topps Now series?

Part of Topps’ year-long MLB coverage, 2021 Topps Now Baseball features a variety of print-to-order cards and sets, along with limited releases, all issued from the online-exclusive brand. The bulk of the series is dedicated to the regular season but there are many other options throughout the year.

What is Topps Archives?

Topps’ archives are reopened for another year via 2022 Topps Archives Baseball. The throwback series highlights multiple designs of the past while showcasing past and present stars. Each Hobby box contains two on-card autographs.

How many Topps Series 1 cards are there?

Again offering 330 cards in the base set, 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball features top players, League Leaders and team cards along with the rookies and Future Stars.

What are the best baseball cards to buy in 2022?

Best Baseball Cards To Collect 2022: New Prospects

  • Marcelo Mayer Prospect Cards (Check Price)
  • Henry Davis Prospect Cards (Check Price)
  • Jordan Lawlar Prospect Cards (Check Price)
  • Best Baseball Cards To Collect 2022: Talent on the Cusp.
  • Bobby Witt Jr. Prospect Card (Check Price)

Where can I find Topps Series 1 2022?

2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball Mega Box –