You Asked What is another word for batter in baseball?

In this page you can discover 71 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for batter, like: slugger, injure, rough up, leadoff hitter or man, cleanup hitter or man, clouter, socker, mixture, beat, hit and damage.

What is another name for a pitcher in baseball?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pitcher, like: water pitcher, container, milk pitcher, ace hurler, jug, cream pitcher, hurler, vessel, southpaw, twirler and jar.

What is the synonym of sport?

Some common synonyms of sport are fun, game, jest, and play. While all these words mean “action or speech that provides amusement or arouses laughter,” sport applies especially to the arousing of laughter against someone.

What is the synonym of beat?

Words related to beat

pulse, rhythm, assignment, scoop, batter, break, crush, hit, knock, pummel, punch, strike, thrash, thump, trounce, whip, rap, outplay, outrun, overcome.

What is another name for batter?

Some common synonyms of batter are cripple, maim, mangle, and mutilate. While all these words mean “to injure so severely as to cause lasting damage,” batter implies a series of blows that bruise deeply, deform, or mutilate.

What do you say to a baseball player?

30+ Great Baseball Slogans to Buck Up Your Team

1 Deeds not Words.
2 Demand respect or expect defeat.
3 Don’t let the fear of striking out, hold you back.
4 Every game is game seven.
5 Hit, Run, Score!

What is a small pitcher called?

A creamer is a small pitcher or jug designed for holding cream or milk to be served with tea or coffee in the Western tradition. Creamers can be earthenware or porcelain, but also made of silver or other metals
a creamer is an obligatory part of a coffee or tea set, whether in silver or ceramics.

What are other names for basketball?


  • ball.
  • hoops.
  • B-ball.
  • brownball.

What is the other name of athletics game?

What is another word for athletics?

athletic contest athletic event
game sports contest
sports event

What do you call a sports lover?

enthusiast Add to list Share. When you’re an enthusiast, you’re all jazzed up about a person or cause. A sports enthusiast is someone who is really passionate and excited about sports.

What are the synonyms for athletic?


  • active.
  • energetic.
  • muscular.
  • powerful.
  • robust.
  • strong.
  • vigorous.
  • able-bodied.

What is the best word ever?

The best word ever — according to deep lexicographical research, science, taste, and common sense — is this: diphthong.

Is it beet or beat?

The noun beat refers to a blow, a sound, a pronounced rhythm, or an habitual path or round of duty. The noun beet refers to a plant with a purplish red root that’s used as a vegetable.

What does beat it mean slang?

Go away, as in We should beat it before the food’s all gone. This term is rude when used as an imperative, as in Stop pestering me—beat it! [ Slang
late 1800s] GOOSES. GEESES.

What is another word for BC?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for b.c., like: before the Common Era, before christ, pre-christian, ancient, b-c-e, before the Christian Era, ante Christum (Latin) and a-c.

What is the antonyms of batter?

Antonyms. lose refresh stand still conformist rested cleanness stay.

How do you say bettered?

How To Say Bettered

What is a baseball slang?

In the hole: The batter after the on-deck hitter. Jam: A hitter is “jammed” when the pitch is thrown near his hands, and a pitcher is in a “jam” when he allows a lot of baserunning traffic. Junk: Pitches thrown with low velocity but lots of movement. Knock: Another term for a hit. Leather: The glove.

Why is fastball called Cheese?

cheese. A fastball, particularly one that is difficult to hit. A fastball high in the strike zone is also called high cheese, and one low in the zone can be called cheese at the knees. ‘Easy Cheese’ refers to the seemingly effortless motion of a pitcher as he throws a fastball at very high velocity.

What are some famous baseball quotes?

Here are some more famous quotes from baseball players through the years.

  • “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” – Babe Ruth.
  • “Every day is a new opportunity.
  • “Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” – Babe Ruth.
  • “People ask me what I do in the winter when there’s no baseball.

What are jugs called?

In British English, jugs are pouring vessels for holding drinkable liquids, whether beer, water or soft drinks
types of packaging for milk etc are not called jugs. In North American English these table jugs are usually called pitchers. Ewer is an older word for jugs or pitchers, and there are several others.

Why is a jug called a pitcher?

The word pitcher comes from the 13th-century Middle English word picher, which means earthen jug. The word picher is linked to the Old French word pichier, which is the altered version of the word bichier, meaning drinking cup.

What is a cream pitcher?

1. cream pitcher – a small pitcher for serving cream. creamer. ewer, pitcher – an open vessel with a handle and a spout for pouring. tea service, tea set – a set of china or silverware for serving tea.

What is the synonym of hoop?

circular object
. arena. band. brim. circlet.

What are 10 key words associated with the sport basketball?

10 Words From Basketball

  • Slam dunk. Definition: something that is sure to happen or to be successful.
  • Full-court press. Photo: majorvols.
  • Alley-oop.
  • Jump shot.
  • Playmaker.
  • Point guard.
  • Hoopster.
  • Sixth man.

What is a ball called Coming off the backboard?

Bang the Boards: An aggressive rebound. Bank Shot: The ball bounces off the backboard and into the basket. Baselines: Also known as “end lines”, the boundary lines extending across both ends of the court behind the baskets.